About Us

Aloha and Welcome to K-lusive Kreations!
We are a small family owned and operated business located on the beautiful island of Maui,Hawaii.
Our passion for crafts derived from the lack of party resources on our small island.  Birthday celebrations, especially 1st birthdays, are a big part of our island culture.  When our children were born we found it really hard to find themed party supplies locally.  This forced us to seek and shop online and pay outrageous shipping fees to get what we needed and wanted.
  Always having a niche for all things crafty, we began hand making invitations, centerpieces and favors.  We started off with the basics, utilizing lots of stickers and papers.  We gradually learned stamping and coloring techniques and incorporated that into the mix.  As years went by we discovered die cutting and paper piecing and began using that in our creations.  There was always a new gadget or something new to learn and we were open to learning more.  It was endless!    
While we still do some paper crafts, in 2020 we added sublimation to our craft creations.  As lovers of custom, personalized, sentimental gifts, this was a perfect addition to our offerings because we knew we'd love it!  Receiving a keepsake gift just hits the heart different and we want to be able to help you share those same feelings with your loved ones.
Welcome to our world, we hope you find something you love! ♥