Custom Designs (Excluding Favors)

**Custom designs have a processing time of 1-2 weeks.  Keep in mind the time needed to create your design and have it approved by you.  Changes made to the design sample will also delay the processing time.  Processing time is in addition to shipping time.** 

Custom designs are perfect if you are wanting that one of a kind, unique, custom, personalized product.  

You are allowed 2 revisions with the price.  Additional revisions to your design after the allotted 2 will be $5.00 per revision and will be invoiced to you before we proceed with making the additional changes.  

Here is a guide of the info that we need to create a custom design.  The more info, especially specifics, that you provide will help us bring your idea to life.  

  • Color(s)

Example:  pink, purple, teal ← these are the main colors we will use in your design

  • Character(s) and Theme(s) 

Example of general characters/theme:   jungle animals ← we will use a jungle animal theme in your design

Example of specific characters:  giraffe and monkey jungle animals ← we will use only giraffe and monkey jungle animals

Example of a general theme:  sports ← we will incorporate sports related graphics

Example of a specific theme:  football ← we will incorporate football related graphics

  • Name/Text - provide name/text exactly how you want it displayed.  We will not research how it should be written or make any corrections unless notified.  How it is provided to us is how we will enter it.  

Example:  annabelle ← if the name is provided like this, it will be done exactly like this, all lower case

Example:  "All things are POSSIBLE with God" ← if the quote is provided like this we will copy it exactly with the quotations and the capitalizing of POSSIBLE

  • Element(s)

Ideas of elements:  glitter, flowers, clouds, rainbows, seashells, etc.

Example:  glitter and  red roses ← great example of providing element specifics.  Tells us exactly what you want.

  • Photo(s)

You may add photos to your design.  You are allowed up to 3 photos on a custom design.  Additional photos may be added for an additional fee.  Photos must be emailed to us at and include your order number so we know exactly what order it belongs to.  

If ordering multiple custom designs with photos, please outline specifically in the body of your email, which photos belong to which products.